Uniting the DAOverse

Samudai organizes information and provides tools to enable
seamless coordination across the DAO ecosystem.

Think LinkedIn + Glassdoor + Trello for DAOs

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Task Management & Tracking

Utilize the built-in Kanban board, team graphs and analytics dashboard to manage your DAO.

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Recognizing Credible Talent

Filter and find the best member for your project using our verifiable reputation metric, ‘Bushido’.

Automated Rewards Management

Identify top contributors and incentivize them through our Retroactive Rewards Engine.

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Skills and Reputation
Contribute actively, engage with the community and fulfill your responsibilities to build your ‘Bushido’, Samudai’s own reputation metric.
Onboarding Experience
We made DAOs easier by organizing social metrics that the masses care about.
Manage your Portfolio
Create a combined portfolio of all your work and credentials through GitHub, Reddit, and Discord integrations.
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